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Our mission is to be the best home to great community dragon boat clubs, helping them grow by offering their members more for less.

Iron River Racing is a non-profit dragon boat venue providing the best service at the lowest cost. We give dragon boat clubs what they really want, like getting on the water as early as April 1st, the ultimate flexibility in practice scheduling, and fast communication to meet all last-minute needs. We know first-hand the stresses of running a dragon boat club financed by the athletes, and we are the solution.


Unique Venue


Flexible Service


Unmatched Affordability


The Setting

  • Remarkably quiet, tranquil environment surrounded by beautiful nature; incredible for focused team training
  • Most protected waterway in the GTA; calm water in all weather conditions
  • Large, open field on site for team warm-ups and stretching (Humber Marshes Park)
  • Great running routes along the adjacent Humber River Recreational Trail

Travel Details

  • Unlimited free parking on site
  • 5 min drive from Gardiner Expressway (South Kingsway exit)
  • 10 min walk from TTC Subway (Old Mill Station)


Dragon Boat Rental & Coaching

We offer the most affordable dragon boat rental and coaching in the GTA. Our grassroots organization is run by community leaders just like you, so we work hard to minimize administration costs and always use our resources to maximum efficiency.

We have the experience to meet the needs of both recreational and high-performance clubs. Our unique club membership model provides a simple and affordable all-in-one rate based on your needs. Please click the request link below or contact us.



Looking for a high-performance training environment? Look no further. We are always recruiting motivated new athletes. Click below for details.


Outrigger canoe / Stand-Up Paddle Board Rental

Complement your dragon boat training or try a new sport. Individual paddling has never been more accessible, with calm and protected river waters as the perfect venue. Click below for details.


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