Iron River Racing is a non-profit community organization founded by Nikola Radovanovic in 2016.

Nikola began paddling in 2011 with his university dragon boat club, the Iron Dragons. He quickly fell in love with the sport, and in 2013 raced with the under-24 Canadian National Team to capture 8 Gold medals at the World Championships in Szeged, Hungary. As a coach, Nikola led the Iron Dragons to consecutive Grand-Final qualifications at the Toronto International Dragon Boat Race Festival and in 2015, the club achieved the Canadian National Championship in both the under-24 and university divisions.

Learning first-hand what it takes to build a successful dragon boat club with his home team, Nikola was inspired to make the process easier for all clubs in the community - and Iron River Racing was born. Nikola's passion is dragon boat, and he works hard finding new ways to help clubs succeed beyond their expectations. He believes the growth of the sport lies at the grassroots, through dedicated club leaders and committed athletes. These are the values that drive Iron River Racing.