Do not go by my humble beginnings. Be wary of my enormous vision.
— Manoj Arora
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Iron River Racing is a non-profit community organization founded in 2016. Our passion is dragon boat racing, and we work hard finding new ways to help clubs and athletes succeed beyond their expectations. Our leadership team believes the growth of the sport lies at the grassroots, through dedicated club leaders and committed athletes. These are the values that drive Iron River Racing.

Nikola Radovanović, Founder

Nikola began paddling in 2011 with his university dragon boat club, the Iron Dragons. He quickly fell in love with the sport, and in 2013 raced with the under-24 Canadian National Team to capture 8 Gold medals at the World Championship in Szeged, Hungary.

As a young coach, Nikola led the Iron Dragons to consecutive Grand-Final qualifications at the Toronto International Dragon Boat Race Festival and in 2015, the club achieved the Canadian National Championship in both the under-24 and university divisions.

Learning first-hand what it takes to build a successful dragon boat club with his home team, Nikola was inspired to make the process easier for all clubs in the community - and Iron River Racing was born.

Marissa Goldsmith, Founding Director

Marissa was first introduced to the sport in 2011 through the University of Toronto Engineering Iron Dragons and has remained an active leader within the group ever since. She is very passionate about the growth of the club, in particular establishing a positive environment for both beginner and competitive athletes.

Marissa has also seized the opportunity to race with high-caliber crews including U24 PDBC and NDRC Women. In 2015, she raced with the under-24 Canadian National Team to capture 8 Gold medals at the World Championship in Welland, Canada.

As a member of the 2-time defending Canadian Champion Outer Harbour Premier Women since 2016, Marissa continues to push her athletic limits. She is very excited to help drive the re-growth of the dragon boat community on the Humber River with Iron River Racing.



Desmond Chan, Founding Director

Desmond started paddling for the Iron Dragons in 2011 with his classmates. As he became more serious with the sport, his new teammates and family always pushed him further and worked him harder.

Desmond explored many challenging opportunities which led him to paddle with Jetstart in 2014, and then NDRC in 2015. He brought those experiences back to the Iron Dragons and led the team from the back seat of the boat to a win the Canadian National Championship in 2015.

Now, Desmond wants to provide similar opportunities to the next generation of student athletes by being at the heart of an unique dragon boat hub: Iron River Racing.

Michael Lucky, Founding Director

Lucky began paddling in the summer of 2012 with the Iron Dragons. He immediately fell for the sport and it changed the way he looked at the world. It was the first time he broke away from a previously sedentary lifestyle of couch gaming, Pringles chips, and diet Coke.

He went on to race internationally in Ravenna, Italy at the 2014 Club Crew World Championship with NDRC, and in the following year, led his home crew to the win Canadian National Championship.

Lucky currently coaches the Iron Dragons and is dedicated to providing the community affordable access to this inspiring sport.